How Different Types of Tutoring Can Help Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

Are you thinking about getting a tutor for your child? There are many different types of tutoring, including some you may not have heard of. Use this chart to help you decide which might work best for your child.

Type of Tutoring What It Means When You Might Consider It Who Does It
Remediation Teaching and practicing specific skills to help your child catch up or get closer to grade level. Can focus on areas that are difficult for him or on skills he hasn’t yet mastered. When your child struggles with grade-level skills or is falling behind in certain subjects, such as reading, writing or math. Learning centers, private tutors or educational therapists, online tutoring programs
Maintenance Practicing skills to help your child stay on track meeting his academic goals. May include organization, time management and study skills to help him manage his workload. When your child works at grade level but needs help to keep doing so. Good for kids with ADHD, executive functioning issues or a tendency to be overwhelmed by changes in routine or workload. Private tutors or educational therapists
Support A combination of remediation and maintenance tutoring. Focuses both on trouble spots and on current work so that your child doesn’t fall further behind. When your child is struggling in specific skill areas (such as math or reading), but works at grade level in other areas. Tutors, learning centers, private tutors, online tutoring programs
Test Prep Teaching skills and techniques for taking tests. Can be used for specific tests like the SAT, which involves learning content and the format of the test. When your child has test anxiety, doesn’t perform well on tests or has executive functioning issues. Learning centers, private tutors, online test-prep programs
Enrichment Providing activities to enrich your child’s existing skills or knowledge in certain subjects or areas. When your child has special interests or areas of strength in which he wants to be challenged or learn more. May be a good afterschool option for gifted kids. Learning centers, private tutors, online tutoring programs